Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Amazing Industry

Commercial Real Estate

This industry and challenges it presents can cause a person to hang their head in desperation. Banks, credit, zoning, are all areas where an agent needs to have expertise, and many more. Some adopt the mantra " whatever can go wrong, will"
Others, however, are able to look at the clients needs, and see nothing but possibility.

I can think of very few industries that allow someone the in-depth look necessary for a good Commercial Agent to do his job properly. Its more than square feet, or clear height. The considerations are almost endless. The agent will often ask why something is needed, and armed with this new perspective, can serve the client even better.

We have the privilege to survey many businesses because of their need to make changes. It is this aspect of commercial real estate that is the most exciting. Imagine if everyone could do this before launching their career. How different our lives would look like, and how much happier we would be with this kind of opportunity. I have been exposed to several companies over my career that have ignited a passion in me that was hard to contain.

Probably because my strength is "Futuristic," and "Ideation."

I can literally "see" what people are building for the future. In the third grade, they called it "daydreaming!" Today, it is the ability to create a vision for others of what they are building, and where it can go.

It is this kind of insight that has opened doors leading to new technologies. World changing technologies. It has opened doors to new and creative forms of financing. When coupled together, create business opportunities more powerful than those of the Industrial Revolution. These opportunities are limited only by our ability to dream big, the connection of the pieces of information gathered from so many over the years, then plugged into the new age of technology. The movement beyond the box of conventional thinking

With all that, I believe I have the ability to change the world.

I predict a bright future, one full of wonder, as we cast off the old ways, and put on the new. A world where our energy is the byproduct of our waste. A world without cancer. A world full of innovation that few have the ability to see, because they are looking the wrong direction. Looking to what is or has been instead of what can be.

I am thankful for the portal of Commercial Real Estate, that has opened the future to me and shown me my part in it.

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